Are You Having Enough Fun?
Make New Friends! Get Drunk! Get Laid! Party Like It's 1986...
-Hollywood Life
Sunday, Jan. 20th
*Showtime 8PM. Doors 7PM*
Music Box
1337 India St,
San Diego, CA 92101
- Hollywood Life
 The raging live action Top Gun spoof party from the crew that brought you Point Break LIVE and Terminator Too Judgment Play. 
 Sunday, Jan. 20th 
 Music Box
1337 India St., San Diego, Ca 92101
Tom Cruise is
Throwing A Rager...
It’s Tom Cruise’s birthday party and to celebrate he's invited YOU and his fans to come join him, live on stage, reprising his iconic role as Maverick in the jet-piloting classic Top Gun. 
But, he also wants to give the attendees a taste of his other most iconic characters and scenes. It’s Tom's way of saying thanks for the years of support. All he asks is that you attend dressed as your favorite Tom Cruise character from any point in his inimitable career. 
The only thing is, Tom is coming in on a flight and it’s running late. He’s certain he is going to make it, but, in the meantime, he needs you - the fans - to help by filling for him until he arrives.
That’s only the beginning!
    Tom Gun LIVE is guaranteed to be the most interactive show you will ever see...
    • Multiple Karaoke Sing-A-Longs
    • Dance-Offs
    • Audience-fueled Paper Airplane Battles
    •  Missiles Ziplining Through The Crowd
    •  Flying Liquids
    •  That Just Scratches The Surface!!!
     Join us at PRUFROCK PIZZERIA, the attached restaurant and cafe, right next door. Serving Neapolitan-style pies in 900+ degree wood oven. Crazy fresh mozzarella and a perfectly bubbly crust are just a couple of the reasons Prufrock Pizzeria will become an absolute mainstay before, during and after the show. Prufrock is also available inside The Regent Theater and The Love Song Bar.
    Join us after the show for a full blown 80's Dance Party in The Love Song Bar, a classic cocktail den with dark reclaimed wood surfaces and bottles galore. Come enjoy the ever changing vinyl selection being played on the record player. 
    Typsy in love or typsy from the tipple, all is welcome at The Love Song Bar.
    **WARNING!! There will be liquids and other "stuff" flying around throughout the show! You will get wet! Things will get messy! So don't wear anything that you absolutely can't get wet. We will be selling ponchos at the door for $2. Guaranteed to be the best $2 you've ever spent so GET ONE! Otherwise, don't say we didn't warn you! We will not be responsible for any clothing or items that get wet or messy.
    So if you feel the need for speed - Come RIDE with us into the "Danger Zone" at Tom Gun LIVE!
    Meet The Cast of Tom Gun LIVE...
    The show stars your favorite cast members of Point Break Live and Terminator Too: Judgment Play. This high-octane ensemble can be seen starring in such films and TV shows as, Stranger Things, Hunger Games, Magnificent Seven, Baskets, Drunk History, Adult Swim, MacGyver, Nashville, Turn, Richard Cormin’s Death Race 2050, Outcast, Quarry, NCIS just to name a few.

    Tom Gun LIVE FAQ's...
    What are the dates of the "Tom Gun LIVE" show in San Diego?
    Sunday, Jan 20th, 2019   SHOW @ 8pm
    What is the venue for the event?
    1337 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101
    phone (619) 795-1337

    Music Box is the premier concert venue and event space in downtown San Diego. Situated in Little Italy, our venue features a diverse array of talented performers, including nationally celebrated artists, local legends, and up-and-coming acts. Our tri-level site boasts audiophile-quality acoustics, locally sourced menus, and generously spacious floor plans. Founded in the tradition of legendary venues such as the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the Palladium, El Rey, and Wiltern in Los Angeles, we are truly unique among San Diego nightlife destinations.
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    Do you really pick Maverick out of the audience each night?
    Actually no. The audience chooses him/her. Volunteers are asked up on stage and after a short audition, which includes a test of their physical prowess as well as their acting abilities. The audience decides who they want to star in the show by making the most noise for who they like most

    If its my friends birthday and I try to bribe you with overly graphic french kisses, can you make sure that he/she is chosen to play Maverick on the night we come?
    Nope. Sorry. The audience has the final word. Whoever they make the most noise for is who will get the role. Any cheating on our part would surly put us in the "Danger Zone".

    Does the audience get to pick what other famous Tom Cruise characters they want to see besides Maverick inTop Gun? How does that work?
     Yes! We will give you a choice of Tom Cruise's ten most iconic scenes from other films and the audience gets to pick five out of those by a round of applause. This will ensure that it is truly a unique show at each performance!

    Who plays Tom Cruise in the scenes that aren't Top Gun?
     All of the people who get up and audition for Maverick and DO NOT get chosen for the part will put their names in a hat. When it comes time to start the "other scenes", which are sporadic throughout the Top Gun story, we will draw out of the hat and that person will be chosen to portray Tom in the upcoming scene. So you know have more than one chance to test your chops as the legendary Tom Cruise!! So get your ass up and audition when we call for volunteers!!
    What is the FLAC JACKET?
     Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase a FLAC JACKET for $2 when they enter the venue. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU GET ONE!! This poncho will protect you from the water and liquids that will be flying around throughout the show.
    Can I book out a private show for special events?
    Of course. We can bring the show to you wherever you please, or you can rent out the entire show at our venue. Our host venues have many options for open bar packages and can cater to all of your needs. Whether it is an office party, a bachelor party, or you’re just really rich and want the whole show to yourself, Tom Gun LIVE is guaranteed to be the most talked about event since G’nR’ hit the Sunset Strip. For more details email:

    Is there a discount for large groups?
     Yes. For more details email:

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